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Really effective and well made remake of SCP-087! Only improvements for me would have been keeping the face sighting rarer and like in the story having the player need to turn around and climb back up the stairs while being chased. 


Great Game Was Terrified The Entire Time

Super creepy

J aime beaucoup !!

scp 087 has a whole vibe about it i love the scp lore i just wish it was longer I WANT  MORE!!! 

love it

I like the spooky atmosphere of this game. You portrayed 087 pretty scary. You did a really good job making this game! 10/10.

I love this game. It keeps me on edge every single time when I walk down a flight of stairs. The jumpscares got me each and every time as well 😭 keep up the good work! ❤️

Please, check out my video of me playing this game and getting jumpscared with funny moments in between! ❤️

Stay safe and be responsible ❤️

my first real scp experience and I loved it. Great game actually scared me

I love how you can just zoooooooooom through floors. loved it ^^ 

Really really loved it. It was a terrifying experience.

I remember there was a game with this SCP long ago. I'll try this one too, I've always liked this story.

I will be playing this live 11/7 around 630-7 PM EST =D


For walking down some stairs this was creepy as shit. So well done on the atmosphere with this and the sounds just added to it.

I just got around to playing this, and boy, I'm glad I did! It was scary, the arrow got me REAL good haha! Keep up the good work!

Most of the written portions of the game went by too quickly for me to adequately read it, so I am not exactly sure what I missed. Aside from that, it was very good at the atmospheric tension.

Refreshing to see this game is so well made.was hoping for a way to end it .

Really great time crappy myself just by taking some stairs, well done 👍

How did you get the lighting to work? No matter what I do or what I researched online, my lights don't work as expected. I had to delete URP just to get a halo around my lights, but they don't shine beyond the halo. And turning off the lights in the scene don't make it dark, even though I adjusted lighting settings as explained online.

Not sure what you mean. Isn't URP a Unity thing? This was made in Gamemaker Studio.

Oh ok. Don't use Unity lol it's a major pain.

Haha noted! Good luck with your game tho :]. 

Too many stairs are bad for your knees

This man is LYING, the more frequently you exercise joints and muscles the stronger they get. 


This was definitely the scariest game I've played!

No tenia el gusto de esta obra de terror, me encanto la manera de como usa el sonido, me gustaría saber que hay al final de la escalera... 5 estrellas. 

Simplesmente incrível como esse jogo me deixou agoniado com escadas, ambientação bacana demais 
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Creepy game! There were a LOT of minor jumpscares here and there!

(This game is the 2nd one I play in this video)


My second SCP game ever, and the first game in the video.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the creepiness of this game. Interesting how at first, I was afraid of going down and then switched to running down because I was afraid something was chasing me. XD I do wish the text transitions were slower, so that I was able to read as I played. Other than that, great game! :)

Warning to viewers: SPOILERS IN VIDEO!




lost in the scp-087 stairs 

cool i like scp game

Really enjoyed it! My first time playing an SCP game so must try some more!

Loved the game!!!




This game is finished and isn't receiving any big updates.

How 'bout Make it Extended Like longer Gamplay

And What App did u use to create this 

This game is so creepy and cool

the game was good but i still have a few answer no solve 


Very scary game, short but very spooky, really like the old ps1 style!

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Best and only fan game I've played LOL but you definitely set the bar super high. The dev is amazing and hope to see more from GHST in the future :) Made a YouTube video showcasing the game, hope you guys check it out and enjoy!

nice game also at 100 levels down things get trippy no cap

Nice one! I hope I want to go to in there and find SCP-087-1 :D

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