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i forgot what SCP means -_-

super scary and creepy I like it really recommend playing

Very scary i'm never walking down stairs ever again! had so much fun playing tho! :))

There are 13 floors in one of the buildings of my university. When the elevators break down in the evening, the descent down the stairs becomes exactly the same as this game.
There are legends that not all students reach the first floor...

Such a simple yet creepy game. Loved it!! :)

Good spooky SCP game 😨

this is a great entry in the scp universe, one of the better scp games for sure. if you want more info check out my video!

the sound design in this game is so good man!

I love this game and I would like to volunteer to translate this into Turkish so that my Turkish friends can play them. How can I contact you?

For a second SCP game I have played, I liked it! 

I like it,quite short, but everyone who likes scp will appreciate it.

Thanks for making the game.

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Nice game

I loved the pixelated design and the environment was awesome. Well done!

I have fallen and I can indeed not get up...

Big Stair Game Would Stair Again!

Cool Game! I spent so much time to understand how to beat this game and I MANAGED TO DO IT! CHECK OUT!


This Game Caption the Horror Atmosphere Perfectly.

scp-087 is a classic scp know for almost everyone, it's simple but intriguing. and this game captions a good story and atmosphere, not gonna lie, i panicked when scp-87-1 "chase" me, i looked behind me every time just to try to avoid him. i would like more games like this because this one does a perfect job on this horror genre!

i'll rate it 10/10, try it, is short but it's worth it!.

Good Game
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Nemám rád schody !

Creepy to say the least...



Os sustos proporcionados valeram a pena

Infelizmente,esqueci de divulgar na época em que acabei jogando

Gameplay PT-BR

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this is only my second SCP game that i played this universe is actually so cool

These Stairs did not like me! 


Always love an SCP game

hello i am working on my own video game console and im looking at other peoples projects and im wondering if i can add this game to it

Scary game, I enjoyed it!

Voici la 4èmes volume de mes spécial 3 pour 1 . Voici les titre ... - See no fear ----------------------------- Vous êtes dans les bois et parter à la recherche de votre conjointe Rebecca mais il y a quelque chose qui vous surveille. - August Night ------------------------------ Vous êtes dans une maison très bizarre et plein d'évènement étrange se déroule. - SCP-087 --------------------------- Le monstre des escaliers veut votre peau.

Great sound-design and jumpscares. But I couldn't read fast enough. Played it as the second game in this video.

this is the second game i played in the vid i actually really enjoyed it good job!

good, short experience :)

la verdad lo recomiendo mucho es bastante divertido  a que por momentos se hace aburrido pero despues pasa a divertido asi que juegenlo.

this game was really fun to play! I look forward to your next work! 

So Good!

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Truly terrifying game, perfectly captures the actual SCP

I adore SCP games, this was wonderfully scary and very well made. 100/10


cool game

Dios! Muy bueno, me ha encantado.

Jugarlo ha sido una gran experiencia y muero por jugar más titulos como este.

Te dejo mi Gameplay en español para que disfrutes de la tensión.

this game was very weird and creepy lol its the last game in this video

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